Permanent Makeup / Microblading


Micropigmentation is used in the medical field to enhance the final results. Often used to camouflage facelift scars, stretch marks, breast augmentation scars, or post mastectomy patients or to re-correct areola (the colored ring around the nipple) color. Regardless of your circumstance, there may be scarring to re-color, which is safely done by our certified micropigmentation specialist.

Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Permanent makeup makes life easier for men and women with alopecia, excessive tweezing, unsteady hands, disability issues, time constrained schedules and swimmers. In the morning, you can get up and go without stress. For the sensational new you, permanent makeup is the answer.

Because of our fast paced world, permanent makeup is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for men and women. We design perfectly shaped eyebrows to frame and define your eyes. You can go swimming, wear a hat, or go to the gym without having to worry about your makeup rubbing off. Your eyebrows will be redesigned with pencil so you can visualize and approve the shape. Then we apply the permanent color by tattooing individual hair strokes one by one, building with short and long strokes that follow the pattern of your natural eyebrows. We never use stencils to ensure a natural and personalized look. Permanent makeup gives back the beautiful youthful color to misshapen, undefined areas devoid of color.

Simplify your life by waking up with perfect eyeliner. No more smears, only a perfect line to create the illusion of thick, full lashes and bright eyes. We begin by placing the pigment in between each eyelash, then building your permanent eyeliner from corner to corner, tapering the ends for a delicate, natural finish. You choose the width, color, and impact of the eyeliner.

Full Lips

When a woman’s lipstick wears off, her face can look pale and her lips, shapeless. Our lip color procedure will highlight fullness, definition and color to your lips without the hassle of traditional lipstick. We pre-draw your desired lip shape and then match it to your favorite lip color. Permanent lip liner and lip color are the perfect solutions to reshape uneven lips, add fullness, and even cover scars.

Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner addresses concerns with misshaped, colorless lips by providing a soft subtle outline. We pre-draw your desired lip shape and then match it to your favorite lip liner. Post procedure color will be a lot darker for about one week to 10 days. Because of color loss during the healing process, color must be implanted into the bottom layers of the skin. Exfoliation varies with each client so you are asked to book a follow-up appointment for necessary tweaking. Permanent lip liner is the perfect solution to reshaping uneven lips, adding fullness, and covering scars.



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