How often should you be receiving a chemical peel?

When you are age 40 +, for best results, a chemical peel should be applied every 3 months.
Peels remove wrinkles and spots created by sun damage. The more frequent a treatment is had, the more likelihood you will be satisfied with your results. Eventually the outermost layer peels away, and the dull outer layer is replenished with the smoother, more youthful skin below.
If you are receiving chemical peels to help with acne, a peel is recommended once a month.
A huge benefit of a peel is the exfoliation it can do to your skin. That exfoliation removes the dead skin cells which can also help clear the excess oil that will help keep your pores clear.
Dr. Iampen’s Recommendation to a new skin surface – Theraderm Clarifying Jessner’s Peel

What are the benefits to a chemical peel?

  • Deep exfoliation – helps to keep pores clean = less buildup!
  • Smoother & tighter skin – goodbye wrinkles, hello youthful glow!
  • Brighter Skin – because who wants dull skin?
  • Less pigmentation – lets get you skin tone even for once and for all!
  • Improved skin texture – So smooth, you won’t be able to resist.
  • Clearer skin – So you don’t think everyone is staring at that pimple anymore.
  • Quick treatment – pop in on your lunch break!